09 July 2006

Wedding at the Home Break

Yes, you read that right—AT the home break. As in right on the sand. Zach and Rachel went and got themselves hitched. How cool is that? Some people attended the wedding in their board shorts. Others surfed first, then went home and changed. I'm sure the attendees who aren't surfers were a little confused by the motley crew of surfers who were there. Guess what? I've got pictures!!! (Well, at least try to act excited for the sake of the blog.)
Would you believe I was worried we wouldn't immediately spot the wedding location once we arrived at the beach?

The bride walked down an aisle of flip flops.

Some of the locals took a break from surfing to help set up.

Both of these women surf. One got out of the water in time to attend the wedding. I love that!

Would you believe that all but one of these people is a surfer?

Who needs a church or courthouse when you can get married at the beach with your homies?

My mom had the nerve to worry that she was under-dressed.


At 7/9/06, 8:00 PM, Anonymous daddio said...

Sweet! Very nice.

At 7/10/06, 11:08 AM, Blogger gracefullee said...

I love the caption for your last photo!

At 7/10/06, 5:06 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Hey, what a great day Zach and I had. The wedding site couldn't have looked better. Thanks to all that showed up and helped celebrate our special day!

At 7/11/06, 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. It was a great day and the feeling of community was strong.


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