09 July 2006

Surf Bloggers of the World: Unite!!

And that's what we did. Okay, okay. That's what two of us did. I don't always get a chance to check the other surf blogs on a daily basis. On Friday night, I just happened to head over to Acme Instant Boulder Kit to see if they'd posted anything new. What's this? Jefferey is going to be in L.A. this weekend? And he's wondering if the L.A. posse will meet up with him for a session? I really didn't think he'd see my comment. Then I was certain we'd play email tag and never find one another. But I was wrong. We emailed cell phone numbers back and forth. At 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, I found him at Venice Pier. I cannot believe I've finally met another surf blogger! I've met Whiff, but as far as I'm concerned that session didn't count since RPB was flat and I was in a bad mood. Now let me tell you about Jefferey. He is a character! I think I spent most of the session laughing. A couple of times he had me laughing so hard that I missed waves—no, wait! I missed a closeouts—and sat on my board shaking with laughter. Nice guy. We went leashless for some odd reason. It's not like the conditions were conducive to that. All I did was swim and run . . . after my wayward board. Even when I held onto my board after a ride, another wave would dump on top of me and the board would fly out of my hands. I thought I was being the consummate kook until I noticed he was chasing his board too. At one point, I was heading to the shore to get my board. I saw him catch a nice (wanna be) wave and then get dumped. His 5000 pound Tyler was heading my way. I decided I would grab it and prevent him from making a long swim. Then I realized that the board wasn't just heading my way, it was hurtling at me at breakneck speed. Hmmmm, I thought. Make a grab for the board or get out of the way. Since I did live to type this entry, I think we all know what ended up happening? I dove under and he had to make a swim. The session was great. The waves were terrible, yes, but it was nice to meet and surf with a fellow blogger and damn good surfer.
I would like to have stayed in the water longer, but I had a wedding to attend!


At 7/11/06, 2:10 PM, Blogger Jeffery said...

Super fun, thanks Sis!

I wonder how that gal managed to keep her sun glasses on?

FYI: Is it less 'kooky' to swim than it is to wear a 'kook cord'? :)


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