05 December 2005

Let's Go Surfin' Now!!

Let's not! I was primed for a session. Wetsuit? Dry and sweet-smelling. Towel? Washed and sweet-smelling. Surf backpack? Everything's present and accounted for. Surfboards? Waiting patiently to be chosen for today's session. Waves? Nowhere to be found, dammit! And I even had the car! But after looking at every surf report I could find, I realized it wasn't worth it to drive out to the beach to verify (and perhaps disprove) those reports. Once again, I was on the bike. I managed to make it out to the beach and back before work. Yeah, they were right. There was nothing there. I don't mind hanging out on my board on the flat days if it's hot out. But I ain't even thinkin' about doin' that when it's cold. Period.


At 12/6/05, 8:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

everybodys learning how...


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