02 September 2005

Hurricane Help

This group rocks!!! I'm not knocking the Red Cross or any other group. They're all wonderful. But this is an organization with which I've been fascinated since I was a kid. They need your help too. They'll be working hard to help rebuild homes that were lost. The more money we give, the more people they can help.

Instapundit.com is providing a round-up of blogs that are participating in a Blog For Relief Weekend. The Truth Laid Bear is also working to coordinate this weekend effort. This blog asks that those who contribute (to any organization) as a result of the Blog for Relief Weekend record their contributions at The Truth Laid Bear site (so the site can keep track of the blogging community's efforts at raising funds). I started blogging about the hurricane because I was mad. Then I stumbled upon these folks. Take a look at their sites/blogs.


At 9/7/05, 10:09 AM, Anonymous Jason said...

Word. I was lucky enough to help out with them a couple times, and it was a great experience. Even with my Tim Taylor-like ineptitude with tools, I got my hands dirty pouring concrete and putting up drywall, and what a great feeling it was, knowing that the house we were building would be a home to folks who otherwise might never have gotten a chance to have one.


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