26 August 2005

Ah, The Slowy, Mushy Waves of Sunset

After weeks of surfing the Slick, I missed my log. There was no way I was going out today on anything but the Tyler. Since it was supposed to be rather small, the Tyler was the perfect weapon. Today's session was a good way to ease back into surfing after a week out of the water. What I found funny was that when we got to Sunset, there were at least 20 people out in the water. And all I saw was a lot of sitting. I think neither CYT nor I were going to put up with that. When I come out on a small day with my big board, I'm going to catch something, dammit! And I did. Most of the people out there either weren't paddling for waves or they just couldn't catch them. We had no such problems. When a wave came, one of us was on it. I made a couple of trips to the nose. Those trips ended in face plants since I'm not accustomed to going backside anymore, let alone going backside and trying to get some tip time. I did manage a few long rides though. The Tyler will milk a point break wave until there's nothing left. I tried to take the waves as far as I could without running into the rocks.

I don't know when I'll be in the water again. School starts on Monday. $#@$! No, I don't want to go back. As a kid, I used to get so depressed when the "Back to School" commercials would start airing at the end of the summer. Here we are decades later and those commercials still piss me off. No, it doesn't help that I'm now the teacher. The one saving grace is that I only have to be on campus two days a week. I'll be teaching all day, but who cares. I'd rather spend the whole day on campus and get it over with as opposed to being there every day for a couple of hours. Again, fewer days on campus means more opportunities to surf.


At 8/26/05, 10:48 PM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

As much time as I used to spend there at Sunset, I had to go back through my blog archives to figure out the last time I was there.

I miss those smelly old rocks.


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