03 June 2005

Rat Beach

This ain't it. I'm not sure what beach this is. See, the plan was that four of us would meet in PV to surf The Cove. Never having surfed there before, we weren't sure if the lake we were looking at—Lake Cove—would eventually pickup once the tide changed. It didn't look promising. No one was out. Locals drove up, checked it, and left. That was all I needed. When in Rome . . .

Anyway, it was decided we would go back to Rat Beach. I found it accidentally this morning while looking for The Cove. Our fearless leader, who had never surfed The Cove either, was familiar with Rat Beach. We all agreed it looked like there was a little something out there. We were right. And I was really feelin' it this morning for the first 30 minutes. I love feeling like that. Why can't I feel that way every time I get on a board? I was completely dialed in. After the first half hour, I started to come down. I guess the waves changed with the tide so I couldn't read them as well as I had been. No matter. It was a good session. The goal, for two of us, was to surf a new spot. Mission accomplished. I liked Rat Beach. I'd go there again in a heartbeat.


At 6/6/05, 8:43 AM, Anonymous surfnart said...

Not to mention: free parking, minimal red tide,
HAD IT TO OURSELVES, and the bower of 100 year blooms cascading down the cliffs; talk about color!


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