31 May 2005

Name Change?

I'm thinking I might as well change the name of the blog to "The Surf, the Bike, and the Fury". I surfed yesterday. There wasn't much going on out there except closeouts and big teasers that made you paddle like a demon, only to end sitting inside with nothing to show for yourself except perhaps a closeout on top of your head. In other words, the surf wasn't good. I had fun though. Now that the surf is less than favorable, the bike has gotten my attention again. You know what that means: I'm giving serious thought to buying a new bike. No, I don't have the problem with restraint that I do with surfboards. I've been wanting a new bike for awhile, but couldn't justify such a purchase if I wasn't riding much. But now that it looks like I'll be riding on a regular basis, I want a new bike! Thankfully, I am not (and cannot be) impulsive about bikes. I get on the internet or go to bike shops to look for frames that are left over from previous years. Thus, a frame that was formerly $800 might cost me between $500 and $600. I've already found a good deal on the components. I can get a 9 speed gruppo with a wheelset for $900. (See, now the industry is up to 10 speeds so people have shunned the 9 speed thing. I couldn't care less about having one extra gear and am quite happy to be figuratively left behind by those who must have the latest technology). As if all of this weren't bad enough, my husband wants a new bike too. Our friend Tony almost bought a new bike when we all went to a bike shop after going out to lunch the other day. Believe it or not, I'm the one who suggested he not buy it since it wasn't quite right for him. Now why can't I be that way with surfboards?

Yesterday, a friend asked me to meet her at a surf shop. She'd seen a board there that she liked and wanted my input. I won't mention the name of the shop. It's one of the smaller ones. Let's just say that this place left a lot to be desired. The guy told her one price two days ago. Then he mentioned a different price, for the same board, when we were there the following day. I suggested we go to a different shop. The next shop had a better selection and people who could tell you about the boards. My friend wants to have the option to surf something shorter than her longboard. She ended up looking at a board that was similar to my 7'0" single fin. Can you believe that after seeing the boards she had the nerve to ask me what she should do? Don't ask me! I have no restraint! I can tell someone not to buy a bike, but I don't think I have it in me to say, "Don't buy that board." I liked that board. I would have bought it had it been the right length when I was looking for my shorter board. Somehow, though, I managed to remain noncommittal. She didn't buy it. I think she's going to order one since she didn't like the length or the color schemes of the boards they had. That means there will be two of us out there flailing around on short single fin boards. Someone make sure to bring a camera because if the two of us are out there together on those boards, it's going to be quite a sight.


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