29 May 2005

Now What Do We Do?

Please tell me that wasn't rain? Isn't it late May? Aren't we done with the precipitation? Haven't we suffered enough (from the second wettest year in this city's history)? I got up this morning ready to surf. I'd stayed up last night to wax the Tyler, thinking these microscopic waves required the biggest board I had. My husband had already said we'd hit the beach this morning. He was going to skate while I played with our little one at the playground. Then we'd do the tag team thing and I'd get in the water. We had plans, dammit! But when I took the dog out this morning, I got my heart broken, broken I tell you! The ground was wet. The cars were soaked. And I, in sweatpants and a t-shirt, was freezing. After a few phone calls to people in my crew later in the morning, I admitted defeat. I was told that there was nothing to surf.

Thankfully, I have things to do at home. I'd been telling myself I'd do my online traffic school once the semester ended in June. Well, I've got all of tomorrow to grade papers so I was sitting here with nothing to do today. Within two hours of sitting down to simply go through a few of the lessons on the traffic school website, I'd finished the entire course. That's done. Good! That's a few hours that I can now give back to surfing. (I thought the traffic school would take hours and that I'd have to use one of my ten days off—between the end of this semester and the first day of summer school—to do this course.) I may even get to some of those papers today.

I've got my fingers crossed for the swell that's due on Monday and Tuesday. I know it won't be a big one, but it might bring us something, right?


At 5/29/05, 8:40 PM, Anonymous surfnart said...

2 words: road trip

you would not believe the weather, water temps & surf 2 hours south

At 5/31/05, 2:58 PM, Blogger crustyripper said...

I drove by briefly on Sunday and it looked surfable, but I didn't check closely. The weather was nice though - had other stuff on my plate.


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