15 April 2005

I'm Over It . . . For Now

All it took was a day away from the beach, pep talks from friends, and memories of my days as a competitive cyclist. I hadn't planned to surf today. I was so disgusted yesterday that I'd already decided I wouldn't surf. A few hours after yesterday's session, I was wondering if I should surf, even though I didn't want to. Thankfully, a friend needed my help this morning so surfing was out of the question. It is true that "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I miss the water and I actually feel a bit reinvigorated about surfing now that I've stayed away from it for a day. Now I'm dying to get back in the water. I'm trying to see what deal I can make with my husband to allow me to surf in the morning.

Whiffleboy and Proud Mary, you two are great!! They both sent me emails about my recent posts. Mary was the sympathetic one. Whiff took the "stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back on that horse" approach—my words, not his. The female in me needed that shoulder to cry on (Mary). The athlete in me needed someone to kick me in the pants (Whiff). I also had another friend remind me of the pep talks I'd given her when she was down on her surfing. The three of them helped me put these bad sessions in perspective.

Finally, I started thinking back to when I raced bikes. There were often times when I would ride horribly for several days. I'd be tired. I'd have a bad attitude. I would feel like my world had fallen off its axis. After a few days of that, my body would bounce back with a vengeance and my fitness would have improved a notch or two. So, I'm assuming this is something similar. The bad session thing may get worse before it gets better. But I know it will get better.


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