19 April 2012

The Ill Street Blues

Surfing generally makes me smile and puts me in a good mood. But this has not been the case of late. It's not that anything about the surf has changed. I am the problem.

I am surfing in pain.

I don't mean I have an ache here and there. I mean real pain. I mean pain that makes me hobble out of the water. I mean pain that I can't ignore.

I am in pain.

Now, this is not anything about which to be concerned. Of course, I've been hurting enough to start the "woe is me" chorus. My right hip is a mess. I've been worried that the pain meant I would soon need a hip replacement. My bionic knee hurts too. And, of course, the ankle is the source of much pain.

My shit hurts.

I did quite a few days wallowing in the world of "woe is me". I was certain that all of the parts that hurt were something about which I should be gravely concerned. I even convinced myself, for a day or two, that the recovery from the knee replacement was easier than the recovery from the broken ankle. Then I came to my senses, remembering that I did, in fact, suffer from horrible hip pain after the knee replacement. Back then, I did worry about needing a hip replacement. I also had an IT band issue that was so bad that I was only able to find relief with seriously painful deep tissue massage. I conveniently forgot that, huh?

That's how I knew I was tripping.

I will get through this. My stoke will return. My hip will stop hurting. My knee won't be complaining. My ankle will do what I ask of it and be pain-free.

In the meantime, though, I bide my time while I wait for my stoke to return. Pain has a way of stealing stoke, I think. Stoke also goes into hiding when too many "professionals" offer too many differing opinions about rehabbing this ankle. I've had too many people essentially talking over one another, too many people thinking they know what's best for me.

At this point, I'm sticking with the doctor. Although he tried to quit me awhile back, he's stayed in touch. I don't know if he told me to start surfing because he knew it was what I needed or if it was because he knew it was what my ankle needed. A nurse friend, who's a surfer, told me today that he thought it great the doctor told me to surf, saying it was best to get this joint moving now even though doing so is painful.

Four screws and a plate with a side of bad attitude.

This, too, shall pass.


At 4/20/12, 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should quit surfing. hell, everybody quit surfing! ;)

shut up and surf! i luv you girl....


At 4/20/12, 8:55 AM, Blogger Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Dear Sis, We're thinking of you, and can relate to the pain issues. We're sending you warm thoughts, for your healing, comfort and happy stoke. Love and Aloha, Cher and Steve xo

At 4/20/12, 11:14 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

lsoro, you crack me up. I told myself the same thing. Shut up and surf!! At least I can surf. And it won't hurt forever. Of course, I couldn't surf this morning and had the nerve to be mad!! LOL!! I love you too, dear.

At 4/20/12, 7:00 PM, Blogger The Arthritic Surfer said...

The end to my pain meant having a hip replacement recently, I couldn't surf. Pain is part of life but it's better when there's less of it...I'm counting the days till I paddle out again.

Stay strong and humorous, good luck.

At 4/23/12, 5:07 PM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

OMG something is in the air or in the water. ;-)! I just did a post on the "woe's is me".. then I read your blog along with the others. THIS is crazy!.. I guess we all need to keep our chins up. WE DO Have each other to lean on as well! BUT still please listen to your body..pain usually means something.. DON'T OVER DO IT!

At 4/23/12, 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4/24/12, 7:25 PM, Blogger Freaky Born Wings said...

I can definitely relate to this, Sister. Any pain I'm in at the moment easily dwarfs just about any pain remembered in the past. I wish I knew a technique for separating oneself from the pain, or turning it into an emotionally neutral sensation, but I don't. But if it helps, try and visualize the coming day when you suddenly realize you are pain free. Sending out positive vibes for your continued healing...


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