08 February 2012

I'm as Patient as I Must Be

This is because I have no choice but to be patient. People keep saying things like, "It must be killing you that you can't surf." No, it really isn't. When you do some damage to yourself, your focus must be to heal. It certainly wouldn't be fun to surf in pain. And it wouldn't do me any good to try to rush the healing process.

So, I saw The Shit on Monday. He's a funny one, that doctor. After surgery, he made it clear that I wasn't to put any weight on the foot. What did he do when he came into the room for the last appointment? He took a good hard look at the bottom of my boot; he wanted to make sure I hadn't been walking on it. That just made me laugh. He must deal with patients who look him in the face and lie. I am not one of those people. You tell me not to walk on it, I won't walk on it. Period.

He took the boot off in order to remove the dressing he'd put on after the operation. I got pictures of the ankle, ostensibly to put on the blog. But I decided not to post them. They are a bit gruesome. They don't bother me. When I had the knee replaced, I took a picture of my leg while the staples were still in—all 33 of them. I eventually decided not to post that picture as I figured it would be a bit too much for some folks. The ankle doesn't look half as bad as the knee did. However, it's still a bit much. You can all thank me later.

The Shit said I'm to come back next week for an xray. If the joint looks good, he will allow me to start putting weight on it. After this last appointment, he's told me I no longer have to keep the foot up all the time. I'm now allowed to rest it on the ground while I'm seated. And if that doesn't hurt, I can rest it on the ground while I'm standing.

Yes, I'm still on crutches. I haven't fallen yet. I came very close today. I managed to bonk the ankle a bit. I worried that I'd done some damage. All I did, as it turns out, was scare myself to death.

Surf's up today. I saw it with my own two eyes. I would not have braved it on a board. I would have paddled out into that stuff on a mat. I could see how the mat would have drawn some pretty good lines on those that weren't closing out.

I miss my mats. All three of them. I think my 4GFs miss me too.


At 2/8/12, 11:58 AM, Blogger KK said...

Surf Sista!! glad you're healing up... and yes be patient! i was out of surf for about 3 months after shoulder surgery (my 3rd one)

i thought it would be killing me to not be surfing, but when i went to the beach and just watched the waves, sitting on the sand, breathing in the salty air, things just felt better.

your doctor seems very nice and considerate. i hope you keep healing up quickly!!!

At 2/8/12, 12:18 PM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

Keep on Healing on! and Thank you for not posting pix. I read a lot of the blogs while I am eating.. and I do have a weak tummy ;-)! I hate crutches..My armpits always hurt. I only had to be on crutches 2 times and not as serious as you.. and both times I ended up ditching the crutches when I could and just hopped around on one foot. YOU would think that would have helped me when I started surfing with balance..BUT it did'nt. HA! Glad your spirits are up, and you have that positive disposition..That is how you do it!

At 2/8/12, 12:34 PM, Blogger pabs said...

Keep it safe, keep it healthy...Mother Ocean will reward you upon your return. :-)

At 2/9/12, 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the sweet B.S. behind you, just be thankful you are on at least a 3 moth vacation from the crowds of daily donkey shit! i need that every once in a while myself. my lineup can vouch for that! tee hee!

and i'm sure the last couple of weeks has counted toward time served. heck you probably only have 9 weeks left and thats like if you stayed home aother week, then took a 2 week vacation to france, when you got back you'd only have four weeks left to sit around. then it would take another week to recover from the vacation, that leaves only 3 weeks left. see how fast the last couple have gone, you'd only have one week left now, then you're gunna be, DANG IT (notice i didnt swear? still workin on that), i only have one week left of this til i have to go back to work?


At 2/9/12, 9:34 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

You crack me up, lsoro! Hey, guess what? My paipo is in the works. A very nice man is stoked on my paipo stoke. It's going to be the classic shape and made of plywood. Talk about inexpensive!! And he's going to paint it. I think that might be the first craft I take out in the water when I go back (if my ankle can handle fins).

At 2/10/12, 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me know when you're ready. i'd love to bring up a pile of paipos. the beauty is, you dont need fins/flippers to do it. just wait for the right waves at the right beach and just wade out and then hop into the groovy little peelers that no one else would ever think of trying to ride. tubed in 1-2 footers? yes really! yahooooooooo


At 2/10/12, 10:36 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

You are the best!!! Paipo love is the best love!


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