14 January 2012

Now It's the John Bonham Kick

You know, I have my moments. And I tend to have them publicly. My "moments" are generally musical moments—although I have been known, of late, to politely invite people who were all up in my business without an invitation to, essentially, shut the fuck up and be gone. That's a bit new for me since I dislike confrontation. I was recently described by a friend as being so laid back that I don't need any drugs. I'm in a state of mellow about 98% of the time. Still, as I get older, I get less willing to put up with other folks' stupid BS. This is how the STFU moments occur.

Digression is a horrible thing!

Anyway, as I was saying, I have my moments. We all remember the James Brown moments. They resulted in a James Brown-themed surfboard. Late last year, in a different internet location, I was all about the damn cowbell. People still allude to cowbell when sending me messages. I now can hear a cowbell in songs without even having to listen for it. My ears immediately perk up whenever I hear a cowbell quietly keeping the beat in a song, let alone when the cowbell is singing out loudly and clearly.

My most recent moment isn't a new one. It's just that I've now fixated on the drummer and his drumming. Did I mention I'm going to be taking drum lessons this year? Why?

Well, why not?

Anyway, it's all about Bonham these days. I don't think he's the best drummer in the world. He wasn't even the best drummer in rock and roll. Still, he was just loud enough while being just subtle enough to make already brilliant songs, and equally brilliant vocals, soar. That's the only way I can describe it. When I hear Led Zeppelin, I feel like I'm soaring. Hell, I feel like they're soaring. And I've never tired of their music. I've been listening to them for decades. I suppose I will listen to them for a few more decades if I'm lucky.

What? You want to talk about surfing? Hmmm, well, I have been surfing . . . and matting . . . and skating my ramp just about every day. I must say that my frontside turns are pretty damn impressive, especially when one considers that I had a complete and total fear of the frontside just a couple of months ago. Now I'm simply working up the nerve to grind that coping. The turns are solid. Malba was right when he said I'm better going frontside than I am backside. My backside turns are now a mess, so I'm working on them too. Either way, skating is becoming more enjoyable. I'm falling less these days. I managed not to hit the ground at all when I last visited a skatepark. Yes, I did skate while I was there!

I've been drug-free and soaring all day. Now it's your turn!!


At 1/16/12, 4:05 PM, Blogger Robin Thomson said...

I disagree. I think he was definitely one of the all time best rock drummers. His foot work was particularly outstanding. The story goes that he wanted to add a second bass drum but Pagey absolutely refused to let him do that as he would have completely dominated the bands sound!

At 1/16/12, 4:16 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Then I stand corrected, happily so. I can't get enough of John Bonham's sound and his rhythms. The Zeppelin songs I've always loved are taking on a new depth because I'm now listening specifically to the drums. I swear, I could listen to Bonham and Baker all day and never grow tired of either.

At 1/17/12, 12:09 PM, Blogger tuskedbeast said...

I love your enthusiasm, especially 'cause I share your tastes! Have fun drumming, it's the best instrument to learn, kaboom!


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