04 February 2012

The DL is as Good a Place as Any to Sit and Wait

This is what I do these days. I sit and wait. It's not difficult. It's not even as boring as it sounds, especially when you understand that the sitting has a purpose—that purpose being to allow the joint to quietly heal. I'm still not allowed to put any weight on that foot. The crutches are always near. It's difficult to like crutches. They are not house-friendly. However, they are what allow you to move around, so I accept them and put them to good use,

I go back to see The Shit on Monday. I'm certainly ready for the next step. My hope is that it literally involves a step or two. This big snowboot thing is incredibly heavy. Getting pants over it? Impossible. I've spent the last one and a half weeks in shorts and skirts.

Surfing? Matting? Skating? I think about them, yes. However, I am patient. All of those things will still be there a month from now. I've been to the beach often, but I can't get near the water yet. I don't think crutches work well in the sand. My doctor probably doesn't want me getting my boot filled with sand. So, I just watch the water from afar. That's enough for me at this point. I know it's there. Seeing it in person still makes me happy, as does seeing the crew each morning.

The one thing that is calling to me? The Paepo (or Paipo). I'm trying to ignore the call, but I swear it's getting louder each day.

I'll pray for surf for all of you!!


At 2/5/12, 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooooo skirts? niiiiice.

i have a pile of paipos that i will share! ;)


At 2/5/12, 9:27 AM, Blogger Kirk said...

when you're out in the water again let me know, I'll happily loan you one of the Bellyboards- basically a pre WWII English version of the paipo and mad fun to ride


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