20 February 2012

As if the Fractured Ankle Bones Weren't Enough, I've Now Contracted Paipo Fever!

I've got a serious fever. And the only prescription is paipo. I suppose there are worse maladies that one can catch.

The ankle seems to be healing nicely. I saw The Shit last week. He's still on a mission to get me back in the water six weeks following surgery. Although the bones haven't healed completely, he's directed me to remove the big Frankenstein boot several times a day, and move my foot up and down. I'm not allowed to move it from side to side since the bones that I broke would be affected by that motion. Those bones have yet to heal completely. I realize, now, that what we're doing is beginning the rehab early. In addition to getting some movement back in the ankle, the doctor has also told me I no longer have to stand with my foot off the ground. He's directed me to put the foot on the ground and put a little weight on it while I'm standing with the crutches. Of course, I've done it a few times without the crutches; I simply keep the bulk of my weight on my good leg.

As of tomorrow, I'll be one month removed from surgery. I can now foresee a return to the water. I'm not sure when that will take place or how, but I know it's coming. I won't see the doctor again for a week and a half. At that point, he'll take an xray. That will tell him how well the bones have healed and where we'll go from there.

In the meantime, I've been keeping somewhat busy. I wrote something for The Skateboarder's Journal and I've got two Liquid Salt interviews in the works. As of today, I began lifting weights again. I've yet to do anything for my legs. This is strictly upper body stuff for now. I'm really not worried about losing my fitness since the crutches are actually a great deal of work.

Perhaps I'll be able to paddle out again before the summer commences. I would like that.


At 2/21/12, 6:02 AM, Anonymous Piskian said...

Told you to get a UDT for the physio!Surfed with this lady.My Gran was in similar mould.There's loads of OAPs who swim daily sans neoprene.Just to remind us how hardass their generation are,and what squawking moaners we are!

At 2/21/12, 6:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

told you...next thing you know, you'll be in the agua! helé on sweet sista!


paipo is my master.

At 2/21/12, 4:05 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

Woo Hoo !!!!! Getting stronger!!

At 2/25/12, 10:11 AM, Blogger Kirk said...

60 years surfing? Dot's a legend. As soon as you're ready to get back in the briny say the word and I'll loan you a bellyboard- I got some screamers on one this past Thursday. Be warned though, my mate John started riding one while rehabing an ankle and now he's several years healed and barely rides standup any more as he has so much fun gutsliding.

At 2/25/12, 10:52 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Kirk, someone is making me a paipo as we speak.


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