24 July 2010

How Do You Discourage Snaking?

I've got my methods. Recently, one of them was caught on film . . . er, digital.

If I see you trying to drop in on my wave, I surf right at you before turning and heading on my way down the line.

I know summer surfing is a bit of a harrowing experience for everyone. The term "dog eat dog" comes to mind. Still, I do my best to be patient. I expect the same from others. I don't pretend to be holier than all of thou. I have my moments too. Some guy the other day got mad at me for taking a wave he thought was his. What was worse, in his mind, was that I went left. (Heaven forbid you go left at a spot that people think only goes right! What? You people can't read the waves?) To be truthful, it probably was his wave. The problem, though, was that he wasn't catching the waves. I decided I'd done enough waiting for him to catch something. So, yes, it was his wave. But if he has shown himself incapable of catching it, is it still his wave? If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it . . . ?


At 7/24/10, 9:53 PM, Blogger Christian said...

We all make mistakes. If a person blows one take off, that's okay. It happens. If two waves are missed, then it's fair game. If you go one them and they get angry, man, you have so much ammo to throw. "Sorry, couldn't wait around all day for you to finally catch a wave."


At 7/27/10, 9:27 AM, Blogger pabs said...

This reminds me of a recent episode up North...I went out (posts to be forthcoming on the surf sessions) on a nice glassy day with a 4-5 foot NW wind driven 8 second interval swell. Everyone was packed on a couple of peaks spread out over a 100 yard popular beach break area. It was definitely a long board day, with both the left and right working well. I, of course, paddled out to the farthest spot and waited patiently for the occasional over-head set that would roll through. One other guy, who I did recognize as a "sneaky snaker" would always post to my left and use my surf-spotting to turn and go when I did the same. Well, anyways...I finally decided to show him how to properly share waves. As usual, I spotted a nice set rolling in and turned and told him as I sprinted for the outside take-off position. I nabbed a big wave, the first one of the set, and rode it right. As I came off the wave and began to paddle back out, I saw said snakey surfer riding the next wave. After that, I heard him tell his buddies that his ride was "awesome", though he did not thank me for pointing out the set to him. Yet, he did paddle away from me and seemed to respect my space. Not sure if there is a lesson here or not, but letting those know, the educated and uneducated, that you know what you're doin while in the water is definitely the right thing to do.


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