07 July 2010

"This is the Best Winter We've Ever Had in July"

Someone paddled right up and said that to me as I sat there shivering. That 3/2 of mine is completely worthless. It's a couple of years old. Really, it's like wearing a wetsuit made of cheesecloth. The water streams right in. But in July, that shouldn't be an issue, should it? Normally, it's warm enough so that you're able to squeeze a few more months out of a dead wetsuit without having to suffer from hypothermia.

I swear I'm ready to put my 4/3 back on!

Dear Dude Trying to Surf Prone on an SUP Board:

Get the %@#! out of the lineup with that crap. Your board is too slow and so are you. You know who you are. There is no place for that giant boat-like thing in the lineup, whether with a paddle or without.

Thank you for your cooperation.


An SUP is no match for a longboard hull. It's probably no match for any other board. And yet, this guy paddles his happy ass out there on an SUP . . . sans paddle. I was fine until he dropped in on one of my waves. (The nerve!!!) And I proceeded to quickly catch up to him and then surf around him. Let me tell you, that surfing around him was not easy to do as he was a big boy on a gigantic board. I find it disturbing that he thought he and that board would not present a problem to the rest of us. Wrong!! SUPs are slow if only because of their size. I would venture to guess that the person surfing it was also lacking in whatever skill it takes to surf one as one might a traditional surfboard. Either way, I was both highly impressed by my Paul Gross hull and highly offended by how worthless this board, and its surfer, were without a paddle. Get out of the way! Period. Had he been tearing it up and surfing that board well, I would have nothing to say. But he wasn't and he wasn't. So take it to an unoccupied section of that break, thereby keeping the rest of us safe from your behemoth and allowing us to surf our waves unimpeded (which is hard enough to do during the summer as it is).

Can someone please ask the sun to come back from vacation?


At 7/8/10, 10:28 AM, Blogger Christian said...

I hear you. My 3/2 is about 1.5 years old and worthless as well. Crazy how we wear through those things. I sit out there and freeze, too.

At 7/9/10, 6:38 PM, Blogger Bill said...

I have been committed to no wetsuit now for months
(new Sis inspired wax jobs and all)
so I be freezing my ass off, each and every time.

come on Sunshine
you can do it !

At 7/9/10, 10:07 PM, Anonymous Justin said...

I've just been trunkin' it with a 1mm jacket.

At 7/10/10, 2:50 PM, Anonymous Ed Duboce said...

If you take the suit off, the warm water will come.


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