11 April 2010

Sacred Craft - Ventura

Talking to Cyrus Sutton and Kirk of A Day at the Beach blog

I wanted to go to this gathering of the tribe last year, but the newly installed titanium joint was not allowing me to even think about walking or standing for long periods. That meant I'd have to wait. For some reason, I couldn't attend the last Sacred Craft down south either. Again, that meant I'd have to wait.

Jon Wegener, Soul Brother #2, Kenvin (in the white shirt) and Kirk

This weekend, I did not wait. I drove up to Ventura to see and be seen.

Zeph Carrigg's beautiful Boarddesign boards. (I want one!!!)

What I came away with is an even deeper belief that we, as a community, need to support our local shapers. They may be rock stars to those of us who speak of them with respectful hushed tones in the parking lot as we unveil our beauties prior to a session. They are, however, rock stars who, like the rest of us, are just trying to pay the bills and keep food on the table. They don't go into shaping to strike it rich. They aren't waiting for a venture capitalist to come along and buy them out. They make our surfboards. They make real surfboards, surfboards that you'll never see sitting in a cardboard box at Costco. They are the reason why I'm a unapologetic board whore.

Kirk and I checking out a Wegener beauty

Support your local shapers. Period. Doing so will make you a better surfer . . . and a better person.


At 4/12/10, 2:59 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Ooooh. Those Carrigg boards are SCHWEET! I hate you for showing me that.

At 4/13/10, 4:35 PM, Anonymous Kristen Walker said...

I'm totally on board with supporting local shapers! Get it? On board??? :) I wanted to go to Sacred Craft but did not make it this year. I wanted to go last year too and didn't make it. So, that means that next year I am going, no matter what.

At 4/13/10, 7:04 PM, Blogger Vanessa said...

I'm glad you got to check out what Jon's been up to. Those foam and wood boards look really fast, really fun. Just on a sculptural level they're fascinating. I'm very happy with the two boards he's made for me - he's a true master. On Saturday he had that orange board out for demo along with some alaias. Next Sacred Craft come early and try some boards.

At 4/13/10, 11:35 PM, Anonymous jb said...

Man, that Ekstrom is looking pretty insane just sitting there on that rack.

At 4/14/10, 9:22 AM, Blogger pabs said...

Hey Surfsista...when does that show usually occur? Seeing that my exile will be ending this July, I'd like to plan a trip down for next years show...those multi-colorful, mouth-drooling boards make me whimper sweet sounds of humble worship! :-p

At 4/14/10, 10:48 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

They have one down south (in San Diego) and one up north (in Ventura) each year. My next goal is to hit the one in SD.

At 4/14/10, 7:30 PM, Blogger Bill said...

perfectly said

if ya come to SD shoot me an email if you have a mind to

At 4/15/10, 12:20 AM, Blogger tango said...

Hi M!

I almost was there!!! Glad you made it! Isn't it about time for our TKR session? When is Fish coming out to the left coast?

Check out my friends website, he builds beautiful custom Alaias here in Los Osos: http://nalu-alaia.com

Peace and Love,


At 4/15/10, 5:47 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Hey, T!!! It is time for our session. The knee is just fine. Yesterday, I did a two hour hike and later walked the dog for an hour. That tired me out, but the knee didn't complain.

When are we surfing?????

At 4/17/10, 12:02 PM, Blogger magicpolaroid said...

wow luv that i see....
ciao, Luis


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