05 April 2010

It's All About the Sound

There are certain sounds that I associate with certain pastimes. When I raced bikes, I always loved the sounds of spinning freewheels and Look pedals. More often that not, the sound that actually stayed with me was that of someone and his bike sliding across the pavement after a crash. In fact, the person losing skin makes very little noise as he's crashing. But the bike makes a particularly metallic sound. I can't even describe it. I know when it when I hear it. There's no need to see the crash. After years of sitting on those tiny little saddles staring at the butt in front of me while in a long paceline, I learned to quickly recognize (without ever turning around) when people in the back were hitting the pavement. The sound always seemed deafening.

I associate a variety of sounds with respect to surfing. Of course, the sound of the waves is ubiquitous. I, for one, am more taken by the sound of people waxing their boards. My love affair with all things surf wax-related has never waned. For whatever reason, I find the sound of a board being waxed kind of meditative. The only other surf sound that makes my ears perk up is one I don't hear often. I heard it the other day when another blogger and I headed up to LPB. It's the only spot where I've heard my fins hum. I heard it there on my Tyler first. I heard it again last week on my Hullaballoo. That's a sound that makes me laugh each and every time I hear it.

Skating? Nothing beats the sound of a good grind. Nothing. So when I discovered this video, I saved it, made it a favorite, then decided I'd post it even though my last post included a video. Metal on coping? Love it!! That will soon be the sound I hear regularly on the ramp . . . followed by the sound of me probably falling off the board with joy! Grind.your.face.off!


At 4/6/10, 11:31 AM, Blogger El Hefe said...

I love the smooth, near silent sound of a board in proper pointbreak trim. Like a hot knife through butta.

At 4/8/10, 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are certain sounds and sensations in this world and in this life that only a lucky few get to know and confide in. I love that you apprectiate that hard bar of wax rattling across the bumps and echoing into the foam and fibreglass. The feeling of the intimate vibrations transfered from concrete to urethane, through my waffle souls and into my bones is closely as comfortable as mom's couch and a bowl of chicken soup. The timeless and youthful echoing from the spin of a freewheel on a bicycle can make everything seem like it's going to be ok. The shattering roar of a grind on pool coping by anyone make's me redefine and reevaluate my love for skating every time. And surfing.....well you know! This secret collective of wonderment that you and I and others have is something that makes this long and sometimes hectic path through life seem wonderfully personal and unique as if we've been gifted with secret powers or something. Glad you've found what your looking for sister! A quote my mom wrote on the fridge...."life is short but wide" The story is in the details. You're a great writer, I've been enjoying your posts and living a vicarious so cal life through you. CHeers, Bloggins


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