21 March 2010

"Time to Get Ill"

No truer words were ever spoken . . . although this time it was said by someone in the water rather than by Run-DMC.

3rd Annual Rincon Invitational. Our team, the Black Surf Association, competed on Saturday afternoon. One hour heat. When someone asked what time it was, someone else made it clear the clock was unimportant. It was time to get ill!

I guess we got ill enough. Second place in the "Most Shared Waves" category. I'm not sure how we did that. We started out with too few team members. We picked up some on the beach and then I think we may have ended up with too many people in the water. I guess that was unimportant. The competition was judged as follows: All the rides of the ten surfers wearing singlets will be counted (see #3) up to a limit of 200 waves. There will be no judging of surfing performance. Rather, the “competition” between teams will be based on:
  • Total number of waves caught
  • Total number of waves shared
  • Total number of surfers on shared waves
The waves were all of knee high by the time we paddled out. Still, a good time was had by one and all. Getting ill.


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