20 April 2010

Knee Replacement: One.Year.On.

If I was a woman with money to burn, I swear I would have hired Samuel L. Jackson to help me commemorate this day. No one swears like he does. No one uses my favorite curse word—a word I rarely utter—like he does. When Samuel L. Jackson delivers a line with that word in it, I don't cringe. I don't want to turn to a different channel. I don't think about the long lost virginity of my ears. I just smile. If I had money, I would have made a video of Samuel L. Jackson sporting a Kango hat, holding my before and after x-rays in his hands and bellowing as loudly as possible, "One motherfuckin' year later!!"

Complaints? None.

Scar? Ugly. Gnarly. Seven inches long.

Attitude? Better than ever.

One year later. My level of fatigue is higher than it should be. Why? Because I've been surfing my (Samuel L. Jackson word here) ass off! These days, I surf as much as I can as often as I can. I surfed almost all of last week, so much so that I was forced to take a break on Sunday. I was so physically spent that I had the shakes, the shakes that are the telltale sign of someone bonking, most of the day. I took a breather and ate often. Then, on Monday, some friends and I rolled out of L.A. at 5:30 a.m., heading down to San O. Prior to the session, I ate a banana. That was it. I can't surf with food in my stomach. I was in the water for three hours! While my friends took breaks to fuel up or rest, I did not. When given the opportunity to surf without time constraints, I surf until I can surf no longer. Only then will I get out of the water. I kind of staggered out after the third hour, ate a little something and decided I was truly done. The tank was empty. No more surfing for awhile.


I paddled out today if for no other reason than to celebrate the anniversary of my knee. The weather cooperated long enough to allow for a two hour session. Now I can take a break—meaning I'll do something other than surfing in order to let my shoulders and back recover.

I know I will eventually get to the point where I forget this joint is fake. I'm almost there, but not quite yet. There is still some pain, albeit minor. I still worry about doing something that will damage the prosthesis (said the woman with the skateboard ramp in her backyard). Nevertheless, I haven't held myself back in the least. I'm doing more than I ever thought possible prior to surgery. If where I am now is as good as it gets (and I hear it does get even better after a few more years), I'm quite content.


At 4/20/10, 4:06 PM, Blogger Ramsnake said...

After all the trials and agonies of your rehabilitation you posted about after the initial op all I can say is "Good on ya mate!"

At 4/20/10, 9:08 PM, Anonymous Kristen said...

Wow, you are a rock star! You and your (Samuel L. Jackson word here) knee!

I love San O with all my heart and then some. When I die I want to go there.

At 4/21/10, 6:16 AM, Blogger pranaglider said...

I had no doubt it would turn out this well!

At 4/21/10, 11:26 PM, Anonymous Jan said...

Cant believe I have been following your blog for over a year now. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and on your great blog. I share so many of your thoughts about surfing except you can actually put it into words. If you ever come to Australia would be great to meet you.

At 4/22/10, 2:22 PM, Blogger 6ftnperfect said...


Didn't know you had it done on 4/20 - this explains your pain meds.

At 4/30/10, 10:42 AM, Blogger tres_arboles said...

Nice. A year. Without the increments of decreasing pain and incovenience over time, it's seems like such a short period of time. But you really endured a major deal and are my role model for it. I'm back coaching baseball this year (and knew I would be late last summer) so I couldn't go under the knife in 2009 as I had planned. Now I have to determine whether my kid goes to travel ball next year (in which case I go under the knife at the end of a summer full of surfing and baseball tournaments) or whether he puts travel off for one last season of dad at the helm (in which case I go under the knife in 2011).

Either way, I have your archive of posts to refer to and your great spirit to motivate me. Thanks for that.

David, Seattle


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