07 November 2009

The "Swell's Not Quite Doing It Yet" Saturday Dance Party!

Soul Brother #1 hates when I look at stuff like this. When this episode aired, I was 10. He was 19. So he could have been one of the brothers we're looking at. I was still a little heavy-set kid with gigantic pigtails, buck teeth and glasses. He was in college. What a difference a few decades makes!!

The swell is slowly showing itself I suppose. I did not paddle out today. Since I can surf during the week, I often leave the weekend waves to the weekend warriors who've been cooped up at their jobs all week. Of course, if it starts to hit harder overnight, I'll be out there tomorrow clogging the lineup with everyone else. Even non-weekend warriors get wave-starved.


At 11/9/09, 5:39 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Sunday was big and happening down here.

Hopin ya got some Sis

At 11/11/09, 8:26 AM, Blogger dgm said...

Thank you, thank you for that! I used to watch Soul Train every Saturday early afternoons. I love the clothes, esp. on the women. Makes me think going back to high-waisted pants might not be such a bad look... :-)


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