27 October 2009

Not an Acceptable Way to Transport Boards

And then you wonder why people call you a name that begins and ends with a "k". People, show your boards some respect. Ellen, stop walking in front of the camera when Soul Brother #1 is taking a picture.

That is all.


At 10/28/09, 8:04 AM, Blogger 6ftnperfect said...

cool rig though...

At 10/28/09, 5:09 PM, Blogger pabs said...

Look at the middle board...soft-top with worthless tri-fin set-up=Kook on Board :-)

At 10/28/09, 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What's the problem?


At 10/29/09, 6:31 PM, Blogger reverb said...

...after 23 years building boards, the statistics say that 80% of the boards were/are damaged out of the water
8 out of 10 boards...think about it


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