16 September 2009

The Bionic Knee Blues

I'm not even feeling this bionic thing of late. The pain is just that. A pain.

When I ride my bike, it hurts. When I try to crouch on a surfboard, it hurts. I'm not talking about that achy, dull pain we all get with age. This is curse out your mama pain.

Then I ask myself all kinds of questions that get me nowhere. Will it always hurt like this? Will I ever be able to crouch down, even if it's only a slight crouch? Who invented scar tissue and why hasn't that person been put in front of a firing squad? Should I make tacos or turkey burgers for dinner?

I'm well aware that I'm only five months out. The soft tissue is still healing. I've read of people who gained range of motion many months after surgery. I'm praying I'll be one of them. I'm not asking for much. I just want to bend down low (as Bob Marley would sing). I'll even settle for bending down lowish. Low-like? Okay, lowly.

I'm still grateful for this surgery. Without it, I'd be doomed. My scar tissue problems have little or nothing to do with the new knee. They are the result of the second surgery on the joint, the one where I spent an entire summer in a full leg cast before being sent back to school with a minimal amount of physical therapy and no information about the importance of regaining as much bend as possible.

I can't change the past. Therefore, I don't dwell on it.

I suppose my surfing style (if I even have any) will change accordingly. If I can't bend much, I'll deal with that. But I won't stop trying for more.


At 9/17/09, 8:50 AM, Blogger 6ftnperfect said...

never make turkey burgers

At 9/17/09, 11:47 AM, Blogger Christian said...

I'm sorry you're in so much pain, but I'm glad to hear that you're willing to battle.

At 9/17/09, 2:00 PM, Blogger El Hefe said...

I don't know what to say except keep surfing. It might take a long time, but it'll eventually get better. My hip is a different joint, but it wasn't until I started beating the shit out of it snowboarding about 5 months post surgery that it started getting REAl solid. So maybe it's right on schedule for this fall's El Nino. Plus, your scar is epic.

At 9/17/09, 2:34 PM, Blogger shit said...

No matter, its still better on this side of the dirt, Sister.
I was hauling ass on a wave today, water was so clear, I could see the starfish stuck to the rocks on the reef as I went by.
Yeah, no matter the aches and pains, this side of the dirt is way better.
(holy poop! the word verification is birther!)

At 9/17/09, 3:47 PM, Blogger Phishdoggie said...

Like El Hefe said with the hip, once you beat the shit out of that stinkin scar tissue and it breaks up all this pain will go by the wayside. Listen to me, I have six days till the knife...UGH! But I know there will be light at the end of the tunnel! Hang Loose Surfsister, you're the best! As J.B. once sang "Get on the Good Foot! Awwwwww!"

PS Little swell tomorrow. My last blast of the year!
Peace out!


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