08 September 2009

The I'm-Not-Ashamed-to-Admit-I-Love-Three-Dog-Night Dance Party

The Soul Brothers and I happened upon a used record store on Saturday. As far as I was concerned when I left, I'd totally scored. I'd gotten a PiL album (old but new), a Chicago album and a Three Dog Night album of greatest hits. I've loved TDN since I was a kid. As an adult, I'm finally admitting it to the world. Their music always made me stop and think. If I wasn't thinking, I was happily singing about Jeremiah being a bullfrog or asking how your light shines in the halls of Shambala. Check out the funky duds in the this video. Yikes!! The 70's live!


At 9/8/09, 5:10 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

My secret shame has always been the Electric Light Orchestra. Mr. Blue Sky just gets my toe tappin'!

At 9/8/09, 5:16 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

My iPod is totally schizophrenic. Public Enemy one minute. Cream the next. And that's just the way I like it. My musical tastes are eclectic. There are no playlists on my iPod either. I just want songs to play as they will. Neil Young one minute. James Brown the next. Note to self: find some ELO on iTunes.

At 9/8/09, 6:43 PM, Blogger Retro hack said...

My shaping CD goes from "No Quarter" live version, Led Zep, to Social D, ELP, Snoop, X...no dancing with a planer in your hand, makes for wobbly rail curves!

At 9/8/09, 6:57 PM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

I love a variety of music as well.. from old school punk rock, to classic rock, to alternative old and new, to funk, to motown, to oldies..to quote one of my fav bands "Music is my aeroplane"
;-).. but I just can't seem to wrap my arms around country...yee ha!!!!
I am happy for you on your find!

At 9/9/09, 5:58 AM, Blogger Phishdoggie said...

My I remember it like it was yesterday, 1969 watching "Laugh-in" this band can on and blew me away! The song openned up with a single note then the singer stepped up to the mic "One is the loneliest number that you'll every know." The band I play in (The Fish Men) does a heavy version of "Mamma Told Me Not to Come." That aint the way to have fun!!!! Check out the Tom Jones version of that song too...Smokin!!!

At 9/9/09, 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why anyone needs to think Three Dog Night is a guilty pleasure. They were a great rock band in their day, easily one of the most popular in the rock era. They only became uncool after 1970 when they started having "too many" hits. Which only shows you how psychotic rock critics can be. And it's their reviews that shape music fans' mindset.

At 9/9/09, 10:39 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I freely admit that I love them. I just didn't realize it until I was grown. No guilt here. They rock!

At 9/12/09, 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Surfsister,
I love your blog and I'm so glad you are healing from your knee replacement. Maybe I'll see you out surfing sometime! (The photo on your blog is of San-O, which is where I surf most often - at Point. I drive a red Hyundai with license plate frame that says "well behaved women rarely make history".) Thanks for the Three Dog Night, it sure took me back! (The tight polyester as well as the songs!) My favorite guilty pleasure from that era: "Heartbeat It's A Love Beat" by the De Franco Family - I always just liked the tune, but I'm finally willing to admit it now that I'm 50+! Have fun this weekend! Val

At 9/12/09, 7:41 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Ha ha!! I remember the hook from that song:

It's a love beat
And a love beat
It's a good vibration

Something like that. Ha!! That takes me back too!!

Thanks for the love!!!

At 9/15/09, 7:54 PM, Blogger tango said...


TDN was my first concert!!! 1970 sophomore in HS. They were great!



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