05 June 2009

R.I.P. Pull Buoy

I just felt like it was time to let the knee do whatever work it can do in the pool. Three of my appendages work well enough to keep me from drowning. I decided to allow the left leg to do as much or as little as it wanted to do. I know that using it will strengthen the quads—which seem to have disappeared entirely—and perhaps get the knee accustomed to flexing easily.

There is a method to my painful madness. The sooner I can get this leg to kick well, the sooner I can get back in the ocean. My goal? To either swim out to the buoy and back or enjoy a session on my mat by the end of this month.


At 6/5/09, 4:53 PM, Blogger Jamie Watson said...

You are very inspiring with all of this hard work you are doing! Nice goal for the end of the month, too.

At 6/5/09, 6:49 PM, Blogger Bill said...

push on Sista

At 6/9/09, 3:04 PM, Blogger tres_arboles said...

I have always been conflicted on pull buoys. I swim a one beat kick, like most long-distance, open water devotees, so keeping my legs at the surface (one of the main reasons swimmers kick anyways--it surely ain't for propulsion) has never been a difficulty. on the other hand, being able to forget form for a workout every now and then, as a pull-buoy allows, and just work on paddling strength, can be liberating for a pool swim.

Whatever. I am glad you're progressing despite the pain you described above. The timing of your progress will partially inform my decision to go under the knife this Fall in the hopes that I would be back in the water by this time of year next year when I can paddle and surf and swim my fat ass off.




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