16 April 2009

Skanking Dance Party!

It hit me that my knee is even preventing me from throwing my online dance parties. I don't dance anymore. That hurts too! Since I don't dance at home, I no longer encourage everyone else to dance.

Me not dancing? Something is definitely wrong! Let's do the surgery yesterday!


At 4/16/09, 9:38 PM, Blogger clayfin said...

ha - just catching up with you. No general? Be sure and take your fully loaded iPod, because if they hand you headphones, you might get Soft Rock like at my dentist's office.

Looks like there won't be good swell for bonzer day, maybe we'll make it log day? call me - I still need to clear it with the boss.

At 4/17/09, 4:30 AM, Blogger r. said...

you don't have to have a dance party to enjoy this. sometimes you throw a dance party, and nobody dances.
it's cause they are all doing it inside their heads.
the main thing is, everybody feels good. Hey Wait!
sounds like a dance party.
Looks by the pics that you've got a pretty good set-up, don't grouse too much. it's cold as fuck up here.
let them fix your knee, and trust them. if you think about it, what are your options? Everything will pan out.

it is just messy surf here. you gotta be on your guard to get a good wave / tide/ interval.

there's something happening over there, though...

see what i mean?refismsi

At 4/17/09, 6:22 PM, Blogger Stephani Shelton said...

You left a comment on my blog about being helped by reading about my knee surgery. Everyone is scared. Just grit your teeth and do it. It will give you your life as you want it back. Set a realistic goal and work your ass off to get there. After the operation - assuming you have a good doc -- it's all up to you!!! it will be your knee and you do with it what you want to do -- and CAN do and LIVE to do.

At 4/18/09, 1:17 PM, Blogger tradeink said...

someone dance in microcosm


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