10 April 2009


Yes, I'm scared. I'll put that right out there for the world to see. I'd already worked through all of my previous fears. Then the doctor mentioned spinal anesthesia. Excuse me? Does this mean I'll be awake during the surgery? Am I going to hear you cutting through the bone? Unfortunately, I was too stunned to ask those questions. I was still reeling from the grilling he gave me about my current level of pain and disability, expecting him to say I was not yet a good candidate for knee replacement. He said quite the opposite. Although I'm quite young for this procedure, he is of the belief that I am a perfect candidate.

A date for surgery was scheduled. Now I'm scrambling to get things done. Yesterday I banked a pint of blood for the operation. As one who only eats when I feel the need and is always on the verge of dehydration, giving up a pint of blood has resulted in a serious fatigue. I drank two shots of wheatgrass today in an effort to replenish some of the iron I lost. I don't eat red meat at all and could happily live without any other meat so I'm forced to find other sources of iron that I can use to help my body recover from that lost pint.

The pre-op physical is coming up, as is the meeting with someone in the surgeon's office about knee replacement.

My goal is to be back on a board by mid-July. I don't know if that is a realistic goal. The doctor would say that it is. However, I'm the only one who will know when I'm ready.


At 4/11/09, 6:49 AM, Blogger retro shaper said...

In a year, this will all be a badge of honor! Having survived to my ripe old age with many injuries from skating and surfing, I show the scars to the kiddies, keeps 'em in fear.
On the other hand, some days they call me 'team Vicodin'...

I am with you one the meat thing, takes too damn long to cook anyway!
Beans, cheese and rice, three major food groups.
Unless someone else is buying.
Have a great weekend and keep your eyes on mid-July.

At 4/11/09, 10:33 AM, Blogger Worm said...

You should also eat a little hummus or spinach salad to get some iron back (and calcium)

At 4/11/09, 7:03 PM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

You'll be fine, Sis. Then, in about a year, you can give me the ins and outs of this whole thing because, according to my knees, it's just around the corner. Frickin' aging ruined youth!


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