15 April 2009

Can a Sista Just Get a Few Decent Waves?

My days are seriously numbered at this point. I'll soon meet with someone from the orthopedist's office to have an in-depth discussion about knee replacement. My head is in the right space. I'm not fighting it at all anymore. This has to happen. Without it, I would become sedentary; the pain is that constant.

I do not notice the pain when I surf. No, I take that back. I do notice the pain while I'm waiting for a wave to come my way. I don't notice the pain once I spin around and start paddling. I don't notice it during the pop-up either. In that respect I'm lucky. I think the cold water helps to alleviate much of the pain anyway. I look forward to being pain-free. I've read that a prosthetic joint takes a little getting used to. I can deal with that. I'm just tired of being in pain. Now there is also pain in my hip. I'm certain that's the result of having changed my gait as a result of the pain in my knee.

I'm hoping the surgery isn't postponed. There have been a few setbacks along the way. When my doctor did the pre-op physical, she refused to send me for a chest x-ray even though the surgeon's office requested one. My doc said she couldn't justify a chest x-ray for someone who is relatively young and in excellent health. I have no problem with that, but the surgeon might. I also got a call today saying I had to go back down for another blood test because she inadvertently missed a box that needed to be checked when my blood was sent to the lab. So, one of the tests needed for the surgeon was not done. (Did I mention the blood donation center at the hospital butchered one of my arms when I went to bank my pint of blood?)

All I need now are a few decent waves. I don't ask for much. I'm not requesting epic conditions. I'd be satisfied with shoulder high waves with juice and shape. Oh, and an uncrowded lineup. Oh yeah, the sun needs to be out too.

Perhaps my expectations are too high. Perhaps I'm high. No, that wouldn't be the case. It might be the case once I start popping those post-surgery Vicodins. Nah, I'm scared to death of becoming addicted to painkillers, and anything else, and I'll probably tough out the pain once it comes down a few hundred notches.

Pray for some kind of halfway decent surf, please.


At 4/16/09, 12:46 AM, Blogger beFrank said...

Wow. So sorry to hear about your pending surgery, but I'm glad there is a surgery to help what you're going through with your knee.

A friend mentioned surfing to me recently and I thought of you and your blog. It's been so long since I'd popped in for a read, I can only hope you still remember me as one of your former regulars.

I'm not much good for wise scholarly quotes or off the cuff words of wisdom. Just know that I still admire the things you do with the life you have and I'll keep a good thought in mind for you to have a successful surgery and speedy recovery.


At 4/16/09, 6:17 AM, Blogger retro shaper said...

"I think the cold water helps to alleviate much of the pain anyway."

So thats why I live up here in the frozen North!
Water today is 47.7, air is 38 right now.

It will all work out in the end, you simply love surfing too much to let a simple thing as a knee from some kind a robot keep you from surfing!
Or something.
Good Luck!

At 4/16/09, 11:39 AM, Blogger pabs said...

You can always come up North for some post-surgery surf sessions in the rejuvenating realm of our cold water environment (retro surfer is not kidding)...though, you might want to ensure you have a 5/4 amongst your surfing wardrobe! :-)

At 4/16/09, 12:00 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I'm an odd duck when it comes to neoprene. I'm always crying about being cold. Sometimes my 4/3 doesn't feel thick enough. And yet, I refuse to wear booties. Go figure!

At 4/16/09, 3:21 PM, Blogger r. said...

retrohydodynamicasuperfuckingfragilistic is right, the cold would be good.

plus, you are right, Retro-tony makes some sweet boards. Just got one myself.

i don't know you, but i can tell you one thing with certainty... there is always a way to surf. I recently saw some photos of one-armed Bethany walking the walk, shredding, if you will.

if you can tell Shawn Thompson to "step off", you have what it takes to see this thing through. sorry about the pain. DON'T GET DISCOURAGED!

cool blog.

At 4/16/09, 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll bring out the aircraft-carrier and block for you @ Sunset!



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