27 September 2008

Will I Ever Learn?

I'm still sneaking boards onto the property. Why? It's a long story. Most of the time, Soul Brother #1 knows I've got another board in the works. My general rule is: Sell a board to get a board. I haven't followed that rule much of late. My last longboard was a custom job by my new favorite shaper. Soul Brother #1 loves that board so much that he's laid claim to it . . . even though he neither swims nor surfs. He's said that when he starts surfing (once he learns how to swim), that will be his board.

I've recently purchased a used Joel Tudor single fin. I think it's a 6'4". I'm not sure since I can't freely bring it into the house to be admired or waxed or drooled over. For a variety of stupid reasons, I've kind of painted myself into a corner with this board. I bought it sight unseen from someone in San Diego rather quickly. I saw it online, sent a friend to check it out and asked him to buy it if it looked decent. Then it sat at that friend's house for awhile. Then another friend brought it up from San Diego. In the meantime, our money was straight, then it got funny, then it was straight, then it got funny, etc. In the midst of the seesaw that is this family's finances, I felt I couldn't say I'd gotten another board even though I didn't use family funds to buy it. But, see, I didn't sell anything to get this board. I just forked over the cash. Rule broken.

Now the board sits literally hidden in plain sight. Soul Brother #1 knows every board in my quiver. It's not like I can lie and say I already had it. I'm going to have to come clean sooner rather than later. It's almost time to put that board in the rotation.

The moral of this story? I have no idea.


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