23 September 2008

What Have We Here?

Oh, it is so on!!! I've been on the lookout for colored wax for almost a year. Someone gave me some green wax awhile back. No, thanks. It wasn't a color that would work, I thought, on my boards. If nothing else, I'd get sick of looking at it while sitting out in the ocean. Now I've stumbled upon the color I wanted. See, Soul Brother #1 and I were sitting around literally with nothing to do. I decided it was finally time to take a day off from working out. I'd done my work. He'd done his physical therapy. And there we sat, bored.

I know, I thought. Let's go to Shelter! Off we went to Strong Beach to visit one of the coolest little surf shops you'll ever see. The shop's been open for quite awhile. Somehow, I'd never ventured down to pay them a visit. Today was the day! As usual, my money is funny and I had no intention of buying anything. Then I spied that wax. Yellow? Gotta have it! (I think I also saw white, pink, purple and perhaps a light green.) All I wanted was the yellow. Score!

What a great shop Shelter is. I'll certainly won't wait so long to pay them another visit. Thanks for the aloha!!!


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