07 September 2008

Wanna Scratch That Itch!!

As someone who's only surfed as far south as San O and as far north as County Line, I'm getting what I would guess is the surfer's version of stir craziness. I want warm water, waves with shape and time to decompress. The problem? I only have enough money for me to make a trip (and let me tell you I've been busy selling on eBay in order to get what I've got.) Okay, I did buy a used board with some of the money, but I still have enough to take a surf trip. The problem? Soul Brother #1 thinks we should go on a trip as a family. I have no problem with that except how on Earth will we ever save enough for such a trip? My last name isn't Rockefeller, Mulholland, Winfrey or Gates. Soul Brother #1 doesn't happen to go by any of those names either.

I'm a bit shocked that I was able to save the money I have. Normally, I would immediately put it toward bills. For once, I told myself no. I came into the marriage with the things I sold on eBay. I sold half of them a few years ago and put the money toward bills. This time, I'm gonna spend it on me. I'm not giving up on my dream of a surf trip. Somehow, some way . . . I'm going to make it happen . . . without robbing a bank or doing anything that will land me in prison.


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