31 August 2008

Just Shopping, Not Buying

I'm not averse to complimenting someone in the water. It won't necessarily be a compliment about surfing. If something in particular strikes me as wonderful, let the positivity fly!

There was a guy trunking it in the water yesterday. I've seen him before, but I don't know that I've ever seen him bare-back it before. My god, he had the most perfect back! The muscularity was beautiful. The color/tan was beautiful. Simply perfect. As I paddled back out after catching something spectacular (not!!!), I smiled and told him he was not allowed to wear a wetsuit ever again, that he had too beautiful a back to keep covered up. I think I caught him off-guard. I'm not sure what he said since I never stopped paddling back to the line-up. About 20 seconds later, I heard, "Thank you!!"

Note to Grace: Yes, he was. You know my type.


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