24 September 2008

Yellow Wax Update

Yep, it's yellow alright! I'd already put a basecoat of white on the board so that detracted from the color of the top coat. Next time, I'll use the yellow alone.

Yes, I know I've got a serious problem when it comes to wax. I've yet to find a support group to help me past my surf wax neuroses and compulsions. Perhaps I should look, instead, for a 12-step program. (I'm not making fun of such programs. Don't anyone get your panties in a twist. I'm making fun of my total and all-consuming obsession with surf wax.) I swear, I'm tempted to scrape off this perfectly fine wax job and start over, just so I can see what the board will look like without the white basecoat. I won't do it. I'll wait another month or so before I strip the wax off this board.

This wax passed with flying colors. It's nice and tacky . . . and YELLOW!


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