12 July 2008

Three Years Gone

Three years ago today, I talked about my life being at a place where I felt free to start dreading my hair. I knew very little about locks. I just knew I was ready for them. What I didn't know was that dreads are an exercise in extreme patience, especially when your hair doesn't have a lot of kink to it. You know how some things in life require both time and energy? Well, dreads require quite a bit of time, but very little energy (if you set them free to do their own thing).

It took almost two years for my hair to be fully locked. Two years. One-third of my child's life.

I've grown accustomed to the dreaded (pretty good pun, if you ask me) blinded-by-locks problem I've dealt with for awhile. The locks in the front are too short to be successfully pulled back into a ponytail and just long enough to thoroughly obscure my vision while I'm surfing. Nonetheless, I'm rockin' these locks for all they're worth. Don't know when I'll cut them. Don't know if I'll cut them. I'm happy to leave them to their own devices for now.


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