07 July 2008

eBay Treasures!

For some reason I don't understand, I've got this fascination with hideous surf wear. I find the loud and garish stuff especially appealing. The bottom two shorts still have tags on them even though they were made in the 90's. I got these from a guy who used to have a surf shop in Kansas. Did I stutter? Yes, I said Kansas. He's now selling the stock that was left over. I couldn't resist those, especially since they only cost about $10 a piece.

The top pair of board shorts looked so god awful when I saw them on eBay that I couldn't take my eyes away. I couldn't believe they were board shorts. I really thought the seller was mistaken, that she didn't know the difference between ugly board shorts and ugly silk boxers. I was the one who was mistaken. They are, in fact, board shorts, rasta-colored, LSD-trip emulating board shorts.

Dare me to wear them! I say it all the time, I know: If people are going to stare, I'm going to give them something to stare at.


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