20 November 2007

Screw the Routine

Today I completely deviated from what I normally do on days when I workout. I've recently started lifting weights again. It was time. Even though I'm fit from swimming, surfing and cycling, my body was losing muscle tone. This is what happens when you hit middle age; you have to work for things that used to come naturally. Anyway, I normally will do my main workout first and then lift weights later in the day, my reasoning being that I want to give more of my energy to surfing/swimming/cycling than to weight training. This morning, I decided I'd go ahead and lift since I've moved weights back to the front burner. I didn't think I'd do another workout today, but decided it didn't matter. I'm no longer competing in anything. It's no longer necessary to train with an eye toward tapering and peaking.

Late in the morning, I decided I wanted to surf. I didn't think I'd find anything suitable and didn't care. I just wanted to surf without the burden of a crowd. So I headed to a point break that was, in fact, barely breaking. I paddled out anyway. As long as there's something to ride, I'll at least make the attempt to catch it. Even though it was small and tide was a bit too low, I enjoyed the session (especially since I managed to avoid hitting a rock). There were only about six of us in the water making the best of the dribblers. At one point, a guy I'd been talking to recognized me as the writer of this blog. As it turns out, it was one of Patch's friends. Nice guy. Bad ding. Rock: 1, FSacto: 0. We did our best in the little waves, smiling and calling out the two foot set waves. It was a relief to surf without a crowd. I stayed in for an hour and then ran over to my son's school to watch their talent show. Nice day.


At 11/20/07, 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes and that ding is gonna cost me $60 bucks!
I went straight to aquatech to get it sorted, no logging til next week. Arrrghhh!!

At 11/22/07, 10:48 AM, Blogger clayfin said...

every day I come to this blog hoping to see some high quality shots of a certain board. *sigh*

Glad you got some nice waves though.


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