12 November 2007

Moonlight Tour

That's Peter Pinliner (a.k.a. Peter St. Pierre) showing Soul Brother #2 how it's done.

Peter Pinliner and Dustin instruct Soul Brother #2 in the fine art of using the airbrush . . . to paint a cardboard box. When all was said and done, Mr. St. Pierre had my little boy sign the box. Okay, all my little man could do was print his name, but even that made me proud!

As you can see from the pictures (which were taken by Clayfin), we did a mommy and son quick trip down to Moonlight Glassing to pick up a surfboard. You want to meet some sweet people? Go visit Moonlight. The St. Pierres are wonderful. Within five minutes of our arrival, Sally gave my little man a book about surfboards. Who does that? Most people, much to my chagrin, offer my kid candy. He doesn't eat candy and I don't like it being offered to him. Whenever he asks for a toy, I hesitate and often say no. When he asks for a book, I take him straight to the bookstore. So you see what kind of mom I am. Anyone who gives my kid a book is my new best friend!

"Where's the board?" Well, I'll let Clayfin introduce it to you. He shaped it. My verdict: it's stunning.


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