07 October 2007

If I Was a Carpenter

I finally set about sawing the 2x4s for my ding repair stand. Wow, that's not an easy task with a hand saw and no real work station. A C-clamp would have been a nice thing to have, not that the reps at Home Depot thought to suggest that after being told this was a small project and that we don't do any home improvement/repair stuff at our house. Thankfully, Soul Brother #1 helped out with much of the sawing. He and I also took turns being C-clamps. One of us would sit on the wood, which was propped on a crate, while the other manned the saw. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I followed the blueprints without making a mistake. I'll assemble the stand later this week.

I'm finally catching on to this idea of bringing more than one board with you to a session. Since I spent the entire summer on the log, I guess I assumed I would spend the entire fall/winter on the Soul Peformance shorter board. In fact, the surf forecast suggested good things about the break I hit up today. I almost didn't bring the longboard. But then I thought I might as well bring it since I had more than enough room for a second board in the car. It never hurts to cover your ass. And, yes, my ass thanked me for my foresight. The waves were small, too small for anything but a longboard. Unfortunately for the Soul Peformance board, it has yet to see a shoulder. The Slick fared much better; we saw and enjoyed many a shoulder together today. It's been awhile since I ventured back down to the O.C. I was so starved for a decent wave that I was determined to hit up that break some time this week. Today was kind of small, but the shape was good for awhile. There was enough time to do a little walking (and falling off) on some of the rides. I can't say enough good things about this break. The wave is long enough to allow me to carve or walk, the people are nice and the water is clean. These things make the drive more than worth my while. The waves stayed decent until the tide came up. The backwash screwed everything up. Then, out of nowhere, the wind got on it and got on it hard. I was disgusted enough to simply paddle in. Had I waited for my one last wave, I'd probably still be sitting out there. Good session.


At 10/9/07, 10:50 AM, Blogger Sharkbait said...

I brought two boards yesterday and both of 'em were wrong. Should've grabbed the longboard. d'oh!


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