01 January 2007

No Better Way to Start the New (Surf) Year

Joseph Masila - "Celebrating the New Year"

Somehow, I got a session in today. I was dying to go early, but I wasn't sure what the highest of high tides was doing. I told Soul Brother #1 the morning was his; I sent him off on his motorcycle. Explain to me why he rode to the home break and then called to tell me it wasn't bad? Was that the smartest thing he could have done this morning? See, I'd been trying to put surfing out of my mind while I was at home. (That's not entirely true; I was watching the cams periodically to see if the dropping tide was having an effect on the waves.) His call caused me to work myself into a bit of a lather. I couldn't stop thinking about surfing. I couldn't stop thinking about how nice it would be to bring in the new year with a session. While he was on the phone, I asked him to ride up the coast to check out the surf. He then had the nerve to decline!!! So I hung around with my little man, waiting for his dad to return so we could decide how we wanted to spend the rest of the day.

Well, Soul Brother #1 came home . . . and sent me off in search of surf. This was after we thought Soul Brother #2 had been stung by a bee. After ministering to the little one, we realized he had not, in fact, been stung. He couldn't point to where it hurt and we didn't see anything that looked like a sting. After that drama, I was sent on my way. It's not like I was going far. I knew the home break and neighboring beach breaks were out of the question. I had to find a point break. I did find a point break. I wasn't impressed by what I saw. The incredibly low tide made me worry about surfing into rocks. The waves looked extremely mushy. I didn't see people catching much of anything. My hesitation ended when guy I know walked by and told me get in. So I did.

Choppy and mushy are the words of the day. That doesn't mean there weren't waves to be had. I got mine!! What I found odd was the fact that this place, which normally goes right, kept delivering lefts. I think I only went right once or twice. The surf gods were with me today. The lefts seemed to be better than the rights. I was only in for an hour. I'm not big on surfing in the afternoon. I'm a morning person, especially when it comes to workouts. I'll do an afternoon session once in a blue moon. (Remember to check and see what color the moon is tonight.) I realize now that there's another reason for me not to do afternoon sessions. My locks, which are usually surfed in or washed in the a.m., need several hours to dry. (No, no blow drying here.) When they're wet in the morning, I'm assured that they'll be dry by the time I go to bed at night. I'm not so sure they'll be dry tonight when it's time to sleep. And it's not a good idea to go to bed with wet locks. I guess I'll have to hang out by our heater for the rest of the evening.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL! Surf like you mean it and don't be a hater!


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Happy New Years to you too...


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