20 December 2006

Sunset at My Favorite Break

I know I keep posting pictures of this place. There's just something about the sunsets I see on the stills taken by the cam.

The board search is almost done. The shop put a call out to Slick. If he calls back and can come up with a board for me, I'll get a Slick. I don't think this is promising though. They said he's in Hawaii. I'd heard awhile back that he was going to move to Hawaii. If he's done so, I probably won't see a board from him any time soon. My second choice now is a Stewart. I saw one yesterday, one I hadn't seen in the shop before, that is pretty much what I'm looking for. I'll need to visit it again, spend some time with it, hold it, whisper sweet nothings in its ear, and then make my final decision. My surf buddy from work and I hit up two surf shops at lunch yesterday. I hadn't been in the Becker shop in ages. I'd forgotten how sweet those boards are; I'm sure our dried drool has stained at least three of the boards there. We then ran over to my favorite shop, which is right up the street. That's when someone showed me that Stewart. There wasn't enough time to do more than pick it up, hold it, run my hand down a rail, and leave. However, I was quite taken by that board. I'm not sure why I never considered a Stewart before. It's not like I'm just now learning of this shaper. For some reason, the Stewart boards never appealed to me. But then someone suggested this one (which was in the back of the shop in a spot where I never would have seen it). Again, it's just what I'm looking for. (I did take a closer look at the JC and it was not.)


At 12/20/06, 9:35 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Drive to the Stewart shop in San Clemente and look at them all. It is worth the drive. 5 freeway off at El Camino Real, go left (south) and the shop is 1/2 mile down on the right side. You can also go to Dewey Weber while you are there. I have used both brands for years. The Stewarts are more prone to pressure dents and the only two boards that I have snapped have been Stewarts. I still like them. I ride mostly Webers now but they are a couple hundred dollars more than Stewarts. Either way, take the boys on a day trip and you can fondle 50 Stewarts for the price of one. Bill Stewart's art work is also on display in the back room. Oh yeah, Icons of surf is on the other side of the 5 on the same street about a mile from Stewart. Best board selection in SoCal. Sorry fot the long post.

At 12/21/06, 4:18 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

Those sunset pic are worthy of posting Sista... Hope the new board search works out ok for you.

At 12/21/06, 9:58 AM, Blogger clayfin said...

I think you should order a custom from Contraband.

At 12/21/06, 11:57 AM, Blogger Alan_M said...

clayfin's just pimpin' me so he can get the paint work... lol.
I agree with Tony, that stretch El Camino Real with Stewart and Icons is worth a look, you might even consider siding down into SD county for a look, we've got a good number of great shops....


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