24 July 2006

Dusk Patrol

After yesterday, we (as a family) were sick and tired of this heat. None of us has an air conditioner. We don't need one 99.9% of the time. But this heat starts to eat at you once you've spent several days and nights at home marinating in your own sweat. When Soul Brother #1 asked me what I wanted to do after work, I think he was hoping I'd say we were going to head to the beach. And he got his wish. We even took Soul Grandmother #1 along. She's been marinating too. In yet another first, I did my first evening session. Once again, the wetsuit was but a memory. It was too warm for a wetsuit and the water felt wonderful. The waves were not quite to my liking. It was not a good day to take the Tyler to a beach break. I needed a board with a little more rocker. In fact, I'd planned to take my funboard but decided not to when Pacific Waverider showed the surf as 1-2 and weak. It was neither 1-2 nor weak. It was more like 2-3 and poor. There was power out there. There just wasn't much shape. I still caught a few. More importantly, we got ourselves out of that heat.


At 7/25/06, 12:04 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

I've taken Cooperfish out at dusk as well and it doesn't like those choppy evening waves. You'd think giant heavy boards like ours would just iron out those choppy evening waves, but no... Doc, however, gobbles up those waves like candy as soon as I remember I can't set a rail in choppy waves and I have to finesse the turns instead. Definitely take Slick out next time for dusk!

At 7/25/06, 5:08 PM, Anonymous riab said...

We were out last night too! But way late...about 8pm and it was definitely getting too dark for me. I got a good left but then ended up getting caught in the inside and when I popped out of the water it was dark and it spooked me...I couldn't paddle back out...I had visions of being stranded out in the dark!


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