27 May 2006

That Was Tasty!!

No, I didn't take the new board out. I haven't even put wax on it yet. It's still sitting there, looking all pristine and beautiful . . . or at least as beautiful as a board without color can look. With the purchase of this board, I didn't just think outside of the box, I showed that I could actually step outside the box and forget that I was ever in it. With that said, I took the Slick out this morning. I didn't know what to expect. Nor did I know where to go. When I got up, it was already windy. I thought I'd end up taking a drive to the beach, finding nothing worth surfing, and driving right back home. How mistaken I was!! I went to RPB, my old standby. It didn't look good. It really didn't. The waves, what few there were, looked confused and little and anemic. However, I thought other spots might be more jacked up so I stayed. There were a few waves rolling through. I thought I ought to jump on them while they were still there. And guess what? The session wasn't half bad. The water is warming up. That makes me deliriously happy. Then something strange happened. The sun came out. (It then played peek-a-boo with the clouds but I was happy nonetheless.) Warmish water and a little sunshine are good enough for me. Thankfully, the waves picked up a little too. I will admit that the waves were weird today. The mush factor was high. Once again, I caught the first wave I paddled for. The rest of the session was just fine. Long rides weren't the order of the day. However, there were shoulders and sometimes, after a spring of less surfing than I'd like and weird waves, you're content to find a wave with a shoulder. If I can work this right, I'll surf over the next two days as well. Then it's back to the grindstone for a short bit before I get a paid day off for my birthday. Have I mentioned how much I like the company that employs me? My probation period is up the first week in June. My birthday is the following week. The company doesn't insist that you off the exact day of your birth. They give you a 30-day window; you must take the day within 30 days of your birthday. I'll be following the surf reports closely, hoping a swell arrives the week of my birthday. If not, I'll wait and take the day off later.


At 5/28/06, 12:18 PM, Blogger Alan_M said...

Ah yes.. the glorious sun has made it's appearance down here too! At least you weren't gripped with the
one downside to have a quiver... which do I take? Oh, yeah, and the guilt wracking vibes that come off the neglected boards... I can hear their cries...


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