15 May 2006

Fun Wasn't Had By One and All

Okay, the fun wasn't had by Surfsister. I can't speak for anyone else. I managed to surf on both Saturday and Sunday. Good times, right? (Sigh) I'm still dissatisfied. What is going on here? Okay, I'll admit that much of my negativity is due to the weather. I like the sun. I like the heat. I love them both when I'm in the water. But once again, my surf sessions were lacking both.

Saturday's session was nothing noteworthy. The now infamous contest led to this session, which took place at the Breakwater. Since some of the photographers were unable to shoot the women's heats last week, it was decided that we would meet this weekend for a photo shoot. I arrived at the Breakwater at the appointed time only to find no one else there. I waited for awhile, thinking I'd get in if no one showed up by 7:20. (Yes, I was there, ready to surf at 7 a.m.) Well, first a photographer showed up. Then another surfer. Then another photographer. Then another surfer. And there were were, ready to hit it . . . except that there was nothing to hit. The Breakwater was essentially flat. The wind was already up. I was ready nonetheless. We stayed in for about an hour and a half. The waves were small and weak; there wasn't much you could do with them. Still, I caught as many of them as possible. We all did. What I actually did was wear myself out. It took effort to catch those sad little waves. I know I surfed as well as could be expected in those conditions so I'm not sorry I gave it my all. What I a bit pissed about is that I was too sore to surf my best on Sunday.

Sunday's session was a little better in terms of the amount of waves and quality of waves. The SW swell I expected did arrive, but RPB wasn't exactly firing while I was there. I got to the break around 7 a.m. and thought I was seeing the beginning of a decent swell. I was wrong. I did a lot of sitting and waiting. Again, it was gray and windy. Truthfully, I can't take much more of that. I'm sick of this gray sky thing. I took awhile for me to start catching waves since the swell was not a strong one. I caught a few after awhile. Then I caught a couple of longer rides. I don't know. Nothing about the session impressed me. I knew, or at least thought, Soul Brother #1 was mad at me for going surfing. That made it hard to concentrate. I was sore from Saturday's session. And the place wasn't firing. There was no reason to smile about anything happening in the water.

I know my head is just in a weird space. I know I'm in a bit of a surf funk. I'll come out of it, but I'd like that to happen sooner rather than later.


At 5/18/06, 11:04 AM, Blogger reverb said...

...occurs to me...
...its the stress...no focus

At 5/18/06, 11:31 AM, Blogger beFrank said...

The early June Gloom has been getting everybody down. Not me, though. I'm a happy guy.

Who were the photographers working for? Will we get to see the pictures?


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