30 April 2006

Forget It

I've been up since 6:30 watching the cams and waiting for surf reports, hoping upon hope that something good would materialize in the ocean. It's now almost 8. Mom uttered my favorite sentence when I spoke to her on the phone: "I'll watch him." Great!! But is it? There's nothing out there. Why make a withdrawal from the babysitting bank when you can't make good use of that child-free time? I think I'll pass on getting wet today. There's less energy in the water today than there was yesterday. So why bother?


At 5/3/06, 10:15 AM, Blogger puttzle said...

I was going to say that you should never look at those darn cameras and just hit it to the surf, but the babysitting bank comment made your decision a no-brainer. When you taking Soul Brother #2 surfing? Or Soul Brother #1, for that matter.

At 5/3/06, 10:42 AM, Blogger TedZSurfer said...

yeah, time to get that little kid in some waves


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