11 April 2006

Shout Outs

Okay, homie, I put your picture in the blog. Satisfied? LOL. Dave is cool. In fact, he and I switched boards on Sunday. He was the one who ordered me to get his board out of that brown stuff floating in the water.

The man is a damn wave-catching machine. He's been surfing forever . . . and it shows. He catches 95% of what he paddles for. It's amazing.

Freak of nature. Like John, he catches just about everything he goes for but I'd have to say he's probably the most stylish person you'll see out in the water. And he's a phenomenal painter.

One of my confidants. She's a better surfer than she thinks she is.

He surfs every kind of board and surfs them all well. When he's on his fish, you just want to go sit on the shore and watch him. He's that good.

See how he's standing? What's that about? He stands like that whether he's on a longboard or a shortboard. I knew I'd come up in the world when I won a paddle battle with him over a year ago. Yes, he's stronger than I am, but he backed down because he knew (finally) I would not.

That's only part of the crew. Soul Brother #1 took those pictures over the weekend. I hope to get more of the folks up on the blog in the future.


At 4/12/06, 12:30 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Nice pics, Surfsister!

I'm jealous, but starting to wonder if I'd ever have the guts to really try it.

At 4/12/06, 6:35 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Tell Soul Brother #1 I like his pics! NICE.

At 4/15/06, 2:56 AM, Anonymous asammy said...

Hi! where a u surfing?
am nuts about surfing in Japan!!
i also keeping a diary of my surfing in english, hope u visit my site and exchange about surfing!

At 4/15/06, 1:30 PM, Blogger J.P. said...

Looks like a good surf crew.


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