07 April 2006

No, Thanks! I'm Good!

Believe it or not, I got yet another job offer. I spent years looking for—and not finding—a decent full-time job. (Notice I said "decent" and not "any".) I'm not talking months. I'm talking years spent waiting and wondering if I'd ever find something I could stomach. This is the same thing that happened when I started seeing Soul Brother #1. Men hardly gave me the time of day before I met him. But once we got together, guys started trying to get my attention. What's that about? Well, I'm still with Soul Brother #1 and I still have no intention of leaving this job.

I'm going out tomorrow. It's been two weeks since I was in the water. Enough already! And a swell is coming too? It's on. The only problem is the tide. It's going to be high in the morning, which means it may be too high for most of the spots I frequent. I may be doing some driving in the morning. Part of me wants to hit up LPB, which is where Whiff went earlier in the week. A swell with a good amount of juice will make it through even at high tide. The high tide dampens the size and power of those waves, making them perfect for the longboard. And yet, there might be a crowd. Or there might not be any decent waves. LPB, as a result, becomes a risky choice when you've got a limited amount of time. RPB may work, but if the tide's too high the backwash will ruin everything. The Pier might be a possibility too. I'm going to do what I've done for years. Since I don't live near the beach, I'm going to get up in the morning and study the various sites, looking for clues as to what I'll find once I arrive at the beach. Did I ever mention that someone gave me his password for a well-known surf site? You know what's dumb? It was months before I realized that there were cams on that site. I'm not even sure when I finally noticed the cams. I was so accustomed to working with surf reports made a few hours earlier than I was going out that I became adept at estimating what the surf would look like once I got to the beach. Now I can watch the cams in addition to working with text-based reports.

I'm praying for surf for all of us!


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