15 May 2006

Mother's Day Surprise Gift

My preoccupation with the wax on my boards is well-known, so I won't spend too much time and space talking about what you see above. I'll say this: that wax job is completely unacceptable. Once I see any kind of noticeable gap in the beads, I scrape off the wax and start over.

Wasn't I surprised when, on Mother's Day, Soul Brother #2 asked to help scrape the wax off my board? I'd envisioned paying him to do this in a few years, especially since I do it so often. My little one amazed me on Sunday when he volunteered to do it. (At four, he doesn't do it well, but I didn't tell him that.) I even laughed when he looked at the somewhat melted wax on the scraper and announced, "This is disgusting!" He still kept scraping. That was a present I hadn't expected and it's one I won't forget for a long time.


At 5/17/06, 3:29 PM, Blogger reverb said...

man, and dont you see any scratches??


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