28 May 2006

I'm Going for a Hat Trick

I've surfed two days in a row. I'll be happiest if I can also get a session in tomorrow. Soul Brother #1 already knows I'm chomping at the bit. But see, the surf pass is now in full effect. Brother Man just got a new motorcycle, which means he lets me surf in exchange for me letting him ride most of the day (which, in turn, means I've got Soul Brother #2 most of the day). I know it's supposed to be small tomorrow. I don't care. Time spent in the water is time spent working on my paddling muscles. Today's session was perfect for that. I couldn't catch much of anything. Most people weren't catching much of anything. The waves at the home break were mostly closeouts. You'd paddle for them, feel them build beneath your board, and then watch the bottom drop out. I made the drop twice. It wasn't worth it to keep trying to do it throughout the session. The waves were strange. They came one right behind another, thus making them hard to paddle into, let alone catch. The shoulders were nonexistent. It was still a helpful session. Again, the sun was out. The conditions also forced me to do an inordinate amount of paddling for no good reason. Now my shoulders are good and tired. And yet, I still want to go back for more tomorrow.


At 5/29/06, 3:42 PM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

What kind of bike did he get and how can I arrange with my wife to get a "most of the day" ride on mine? Thanks in advance. :-)

At 5/29/06, 5:17 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

He got a Kawasaki ZX-10R.

I think it helps to have only one child. It doesn't hurt that the child is only four and doesn't have much of a life outside of the house yet. I'm happy to run the streets with him when left to our own devices. I also have an ace in the hole: Soul Grandmother #1 lives right around the corner. He went to her house yesterday while I ran to ZJ's (which I hate taking him to because he insists on spending 25 minutes at the fish tank, thus making it impossible for me to look around). Whiff, I also get that there's pleasure in riding a motorcycle for hours at a time. How can he have any fun if he only goes out to ride for an hour? I get that. I guess it's a matter of recognizing we both want to do certain things during the weekend and the time spent on those endeavors won't be equal.

At 5/30/06, 9:54 AM, Blogger reverb said...


At 5/30/06, 4:45 PM, Blogger TedZSurfer said...

I feel the pain. I went out yesterday (Memorial Day) at the crack of dawn before the family awoke. The tide had switched but still negative and it was just extreme short interval windswell. Very ho-hum session. Fast forward to the local beach break at 9:45 AM with wife and kids in tow for obligatory Holiday beach run. The surf had cleaned up considerably and many rides were being had. Not epic of course, but 300% better than at 6 AM. And no, with a toddler and a pre-schooler I am NOT allowed to take along a board!


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