06 September 2005

Don't You People Have Jobs?

Okay, I'm the first person to whom this question could be posed. I know that. However, I was the one posing this question during today's session. Why? Why not? It was crowded at the home break today. What's up with that? Are we all unemployed, self-employed, or odd-hourly employed? I guess the answer to that question is "yes". It seemed like almost everyone from the crew was out in the water. It might as well have been Malibu—too many people in one spot. It really wasn't so bad. It's just that I thought the day after a holiday, the holiday which marks the last day of summer, would mean uncrowded beaches. I was wrong to make such an assumption.

The SW swell doesn't seem to be doing much. I'd hoped for more. I'd dreamed of more. No matter. The winter waves will come. Now I will start using the Tyler less. I'll be bringing the funboard into the rotation with the Slick. I'll also start taking stabs at riding the 7'0". I've got plans for this winter as it may be my last winter of weekday surfing. I've decided not to pursue teaching once this semester is over. Like so many others, I'm fed up with the inability to find full-time employment. I've seen statistics which show that schools prefer part-timers; they don't need to worry about providing us with benefits. That's all well and good . . . but not for me. Besides, as is typical, I've gotten bored after several years of teaching the same thing. The boredom is only bearable when you've got a salary and benefits. So it's time to move on. I enjoyed my summer off. It will probably be my last one. I'll now teach until December. In the meantime, I'll be looking for something else. I have to admit that it—the freedom—was nice while it lasted.


At 9/7/05, 9:28 PM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

Well, shit, seeing as how everyone can afford a $600,000 house out here now except you and me, we must be the only suckers with a job.

At 9/8/05, 7:55 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

The only reason I can afford L.A. is that I still live in the neighborhood I grew up in. And even here the property prices are skyrocketing. We live in a once-hidden pocket of nice houses in a nice black neighborhood. Now, people know about this neighborhood and it's almost as expensive as everywhere else. It's really a shame too. I foresee this neighborhood going one of two ways in ten years: complete gentrified with whites and blacks or completely filled with immigrants who've been here a few years. As is typical of L.A., it won't be a mixture of both. That never happens in this city.


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