04 June 2013

Find Dane Peterson's Surfboards

Dane Peterson has had all his boards stolen from his house... keep your eyes open and ears to the ground... lets catch the pricks who did this.... list of boards below..... spread the word.
The list of stolen boards is as follows. Any help in getting this out to the world is greatly appreciated.

1. 9'4" Paul Gross - displacement hull squash tail, clear volan glass single fin

2. 9'4" Scott Anderson "Dane Peterson Model" single fin diamond tail. Clear deck with black spray paint and the words "cement dick", bottom has brown based all hand painted artwork by my brother.

3. 9'3" SouthCoast square tail single fin. Marble resin swirl deck with black, blue, maroon and glitter. Double pinkie, black bottom and rails with a custom painting from nose to tail drawn and signed by Alex Knost to myself.

4. 9'4" Klem Bell oldmal. Glassed on single fin. Recently restored in original condition browned from the sun but clean and a great rider.

5. 9'4" Dane Peterson hand shape. Hand signed #3 on bottom, but this is the first longboard i have ever shaped. clear with a thin light purple "glue line stringer, glass on fin, and two songs hand written in black ink on the deck either side of the stringer.

6. 6'2"-6'6" 70's single fin. Challenger logo, baby blue tint bottom and rails, with a clear deck. Very distinct tail repair done to this board.

7. 5'2" Pearson Arrow quad fin. Ugliest board you have ever seen as it was hand painted by Zander Hartman with marroon, yellow, and black on the deck, then yellow and green on the bottom.


At 6/5/13, 6:24 PM, Blogger surfmama101 said...


I just re-posted the message on my blog.

At 6/10/13, 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where were they stolen from? I think Dane still lives in Australia(Noosa area)!!


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